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3D simulation
Expert in innovative 3D simulation
An expert in innovative 3D simulation, EnDCS has been acknowledged for its competitive edge in technology by providing 3D battle field simulation to Columbia battle ship, 3D simulation for Aegis cruiser, marine simulation for KIOST, and cyber decision-making visualization and cyber mock exercise simulation for Korean armed forces. With the use of machine learning-capable autonomous navigation engine, we have also developed augmented and virtual reality-based navigation system for National Forensic Service, and all our products can be run on 3D, mobile, and Web environments.
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Sea map 3D Simulation
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Electronic Navigation Chart Library
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Safety Marine Navigation (WEB, APP) Simulation
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3D Battle Simulator
Connected with SC and DDS of sea maps, land maps, mock exercise, Battle Vision is an engine which can visualize battle fields..
· Interworking with army standard communication DDS and hardware such as ETOS, LPI, AIS, and Radars

· 10 years of experience in providing simulators, mock exercise, and battle field visualization for armed forces

· Complete compatibility with navigation chart engine, navigation engine, communication engine, and self-developed engines

· Interworking with Windows, Linux, Mac, iPAD, Web, Android, iPhone and other systems