Electronic Navigational Chart Tactical Control Cyber Visualization and Exercise System Maritime Safety and Autonomous Navigation 3D simulation
Tactical Control
We develop tactical control system using electronic navigation chart and 3D simulator.
Using electronic navigation chart and 3D simulator, EnDCS’ tactical control system is supporting surveillance over enemies or intruders, situation control, and naval navigation.
We have developed MVVM library using WPF PRISM which is specialized in the development of HCI (Human Computer Interaction)
3D Situation Control
3D Situation Control checks intruders through sensors and shows the status on control monitors and mobile devices.
GIS map data creation process
Navy operation vessel HCI development
Columbia Alliance Vessel Control
Navy operation vessel HCI development
· OMG DDS standard-based real-time data distribution middleware; high-performance middleware which is able to use both existing communication media and high-performance communication media

· The middleware is used in domestic and overseas weaponry development, and accounts for 52 % of global DDS makrekt.

· It supports all major universal platforms and real-time platforms

· XX vessel, XX harbor system RTI DDS Library